Delbert and Krystyl Garrett

Delbert and Krystyl with Deitrick, Rhys, and Charlotte. enjoying family day at the zoo!

Since I was old enough to say what I wanted to be when I grew up, I have always said "a farmer". When I was 25, I was given that opportunity. Hello, my name is Delbert, founder of this family farm. I purchased the family farm, converted it to a outside-raised, organic, livestock farm and have since helped create what you see today. Every year has brought it's own new experiences, and after 11 years of marriage, Krystyl and I welcomed Rhys and Deitrick in 2014. In 2016, we welcomed Charlotte. All three love to participate in the farm wherever possible. If you visit, you'll probably see them running around. The end of 2018 saw my graduation from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship, Summa Cum Laude. 

While quiet in nature, I have been steadfastly focused on providing the best quality meat and emphasizing customer relationships to create the GCC Organic's family. Welcome to the family! You may reach me directly at

Doug and Jennifer Lentz

Doug and Jennifer sporting Denver Broncos ugly holiday sweaters!

Jennifer and I have been married for over 34 years.  We have two wonderful daughters, Krystyl and Heather.  

After 23 years in the retail grocery corporate world, we purchased and operated a couple of wholesale distribution businesses in Colorado.  After Krystyl and Delbert gave us 3 awesome grandchildren, we sold our businesses and relocated to the family farm in Mount Pleasant in 2016.  I became a partner in the farm and Jennifer is the best Grandma Jen and cares for the children and the rest of us.  “Grandma Jen is the foundation that keeps this thing rolling. 

When not being “Papa" and “Grandma, we enjoy riding our Harley and touring beautiful Michigan. We are passionate about raising the best possible product for your family as well as ours.   


You may reach me directly at

Brandon Garrett

Brandon collecting a broiler on processing day.

I am the 2nd oldest of the four brothers.  

I have a full-time job in Lake Isabella, but still try to offer my time and energy to the farm when available. 

Spending many summers growing up in Michigan, I moved permanently to Michigan from Colorado and bought a home recently at Lake Isabella.  

My help on the farm consists of helping during harvest and processing days throughout the summer months on the farm.  

I really enjoy sports, especially football.  My favorite teams are Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos.  I like to study the game closely and try to remember players and their stats.    

Davis Ward and

Shalee Longdo

Davis and Shalee enjoying the Michigan outdoors.

Shalee is our mom.  Delbert, Brandon, myself and Cameron.  The “Four Brothers.


I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy.  After spending much of my life in Pueblo, Colorado, I decided to come to the farm in early 2017.  Along with brother Cameron, I manage the garden on the farm and also fill in with day to day chores, harvesting, and poultry processing.  


When GCC Organics opened their store inside City Market in Bay City, I jumped at the opportunity to start and grow this new and exciting venture.  

The garden is one of my favorite things about the farm. I love to research and learn about growing food that is better for families.  I get excited to use my creativity and ideas to help promote the farm and events.


You may reach me directly at

Cameron Ward and

Rachel Roberts

Rachel and Cameron enjoying the evening at our Sunset Dinner event on the farm.

As the youngest and tallest of the four brothers, I have spent the last 8 years working for the farm during growing season and spending winters in Colorado with my dad.  This is my first full winter here at the farm.  So far so good!

I can do just about everything on the farm. I really enjoy doing crop work, and working with the animals.  I am the face of our Farmers Markets.  You probably have seen me around the state in Mount Pleasant, Meridian TWP, East Lansing, and Ada.  On non market days, I spend my time in our garden.  It is rewarding to grow healthy vegetables.  My specialty has been peppers.  

Rachel recently moved from Arizona to spend the winter in Michigan with me. LOL.  She has jumped right in and helped in various capacities and really enjoys the farm.

You may reach me directly at

Jordan Goss

Jordan making a new friend!  Scooty"

I'm Jordan Goss, I work at the farm and the GCC Organics store inside City Market in Bay City.


I love to spend time with my family, hunting and fishing. At work I really enjoy working with the cattle. My daughter helps me come up with nicknames for mischievous calfs (the calf in the photo is Scooty) One of my highlights is when she asks how they're growing when I get home.


Growing good, pure food for my daughter and the rest of my family is very important to me and I'm glad I can help provide quality food for your family as well.

You may reach me directly at

Thank You!

The kids enjoying the outdoors

Thank you for supporting mommy and daddy, our grand parents, uncles and helpers for all their hard work to bring us the best possible food to keep our tummies full of delicious and nutritious food!  

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